Distinctions Of Electricians?

So maybe you've started looking for an electrician, like one from ATT Electric Ltd, to do some work around the house, and they mention that they are a journeyman electrician. Or perhaps you mention to a friend that you need some wiring done on the house, and they tell you they are an apprentice electrician. What does it all mean? Does it matter who you have work on your house? This article seeks to give you all the answers on the designations of electricians.

The different designations

There are three main designations for electricians: apprentice, journeyman, and master. These three designations correlate to a certain amount of skills, years under their belts, and ability to work with certain jobs.

An apprentice electrician is a relatively new person into the business. They understand wiring and placing electrical boxes in houses and what not, but are generally kept under the watchful eye of a journeyman or master electrician. They generally have some experience, though not much.

A journeyman electrician by contrast has many more skills under their belt, and doesn't need to be monitored like an apprentice. These electricians are able to do household wiring, repair electrical equipment, as well as being able to read electrical diagrams and schematics. Some journeyman electricians are also able to understand some of the National Building Code. Many journeymen electricians take extra courses in order to advance themselves.

A master electrician is just as it sounds. This is someone who knows everything there is to know about electrical wiring; maintenance and repair of electrical devices, and can draw and interpret electrical diagrams with ease. A master electrician will also know and understand the national Building Code as far as their job as an electrician is concerned.  

So, with all that said, who should you have working on your house?

The short answer is, it depends on what you need done. If all you need is a quick wiring job done, then an apprentice electrician would be fine. If you need anything very cohesive done however, you would be better to look for a journeyman electrician, or even better a master electrician. And of course, whatever electrician that you choose, you should make sure that they are licenced and have had some experience. This way you can ensure that the work that you are getting done will be done with the building code and safety in mind, as that is one of the biggest concerns when doing electrical work in a house.